I lost weight at McDonalds

I am have never really been a big girl, but I do have all of the curves in the right places. The gents that I date at https://charlotteaction.org/deptford-escorts Deptford escorts seem to appreciate me, and the boss of the agency think that I am stunning, but I have always seen myself as little bit fat and it has not been easy for me. To be honest, I have not been the agency for very long so I am kind of working on things like I like to call it. To earn some extra cash, I have been working at McDonalds.

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It is not a bad a place to work in, but you do have all of the lovely food. Recently I have been eating a few of their offerings but to my surprise, I have started to lose weight. I think that it might have something to do with the fact that I am really busy all of the time. It is not like you get much of a chance to stand still at McDonalds and you are always moving around.

I don’t know what it with McDonalds and me, but I really like it. Working for Deptford escorts is okay, but I like the sense of family that you get at McDonalds. It is like you are one big team and all work together. The money is better at Deptford escorts, but I do let a kick out of working for McDonalds. Ever since I started I noticed that I have felt right at home there and have enjoyed working hard for them.

The other day, the boss asked me what I did when I was not at the restaurant. I did not tell him about Deptford escorts. Instead I told that I date a little bit of modelling and he did not seem surprised at all. He said that he thought that I was stunning and could do well as a model. At the same time, he asked if I wanted to do some more hours at the restaurant. He thought that my attitude to the job was perfect and he enjoyed having me around.

The money is not that great at McDonalds but I am getting a real kick out working for the restaurant. There is no way that you can compare it working at Deptford escorts. I don’t for one minute regret joining the agency, but I do wonder if it is the right job for me. Okay, I may not get a real kick out flipping burgers but I do get a kick out of meeting people and looking after our customers. If you like, I think that it is fun, and I get a kick out of people even though they are being totally awkward. That is what the customer team at McDonalds are looking for and I think that I could actually have a long term career with the company. It would certainly be different from being an escort but I think that I could do with losing some weight.

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