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Is it true that gents really like blondes but will always marry brunettes? This famous phrase is known to many. But is it really true? Each side has its advantages, and the girls at London escorts seem to agree. Marilyn Monroe, a legendary lady, with her fair hair created one of the most discussed myths of all times. Most men you speak to seem to prefer blondes since the Monroe days. At least, most of Marilyn’s fame and luck came to her when she dyed her hair to blonde from brown. Since then, hundreds of women are struggling with the question of whether they should color their hair blonde. Some seem to think that blonde hair they may have some extra pulling power over men. Another question is, do girls with natural blond hair look down on those who were born with dark hair. The Swedish myth of “blondes being attractive without exceptions” still causes some doubt . Are all blondes attractive?


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One of the most common stereotypes that London Escorts are concerned about is the question of intelligence. Blonde girls are often subject to a great deal of jokes. It must be admitted that many of the representatives of the fair-head girls indeed sometime indicate stupidity.

One of the girls from London escorts remembers her blond classmate Tina, who was only able to hold constructive dialogs about two things – clothes and boys. Once, the teacher of English literature asked her “to do something with her intellectual virginity.” Needless to say this was something that Tina was not to happy about. I can understand that, there is no way a blonde would associate virginity with any kind of intellectual activity.

However, I also remember another girl that I met at London escorts. She also was blonde, but now she has a PhD, and teaches at a top university. You are not going to believe this, but some time ago, USA researchers conducted a test for intelligence amongst women.
The end result was that brunettes got top marks. Second place was taken by red-haired girls. In the opinion of US researchers, blondes came third and did seem to be a lot more intellectually challenged than brunettes and red heads.

Could this be down to hormones or genes. In fact, it could be down to genes. Many ladies like to think that their genes do not affect their intellectual capability at all but that is not true. Brunettes in general seem to have a lot more smarts and so do red heads. Blondes are certainly a little bit lacking in smart. But like so many blondes like to say, you cannot have it all. Blondes seem to lead much happier lives and many of them do succeed in life. They may go through countless relationships but seem to have the ability to come out on top. So perhaps, it is a matter of emotional intelligence not intellectual smarts that will finally conquer the world. Maybe blonde London escorts will indeed conquer the world.

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