Meeting for the first time a Woolwich escort I met online.

I did not expect that I could be so interested in someone away from me. Someone that is an entire stranger, yes she was beautiful and intelligent. Many men chased her, but I am so lucky that she waited for me and had the time to meet each other in person. We knew how people meet each other, through the internet we will know someone or sometimes we can find our true love.


After my last relationship, I promise myself to stop for a while in love. My ex-girlfriend broke my heart so much and fooled me out of the relationship. I feel so betrayed with her and got a little fear in me. I thought when you love the person so much they won’t think of leaving you or hurt you. But sometimes too much love will hurt you, and it is not easy when you give so much of yourself but end up hurting by other people. Elena is the only one I love; she is my first girlfriend, and I want to keep our relationship. I thought she is different from the other woman, but she is just the same. Our relationship lasts for six years, and in the whole relationship, I was so blind to her wrongdoings. Many people told me that they saw Elena with another man, but I choose to believe with Elena when she said to me that she loves me very much. Elena is one of the muses in our university; you will be allured by her beauty and intelligence. I first met Elena at our school perhaps we were just preschool at that time. I knew myself that I have feelings for her, but she transfers to school after our preschool.  I get to see her when we were college, she bloomed into a beautiful woman and admired her very much for that. I became her stalker and followed her on all her social media accounts. She noticed me and started exchanging messages. I am so happy that I got the chance with her. We are always together in school, go for lunch and hang out at nights. We have a romantic relationship, and it was great. I gave everything I could offer her to make her stay. We have some fightings, but I will be the one to lower my pride and apologize to her. But cheating on me was unforgivable. We broke up and been not in a relationship for years.


Years passed, I met a Woolwich escort from I met online, we are comfortable with each other and decided to meet face to face after my graduation. I prepared a lot and so excited to go to Woolwich for our first time meeting. I am so nervous, but she was a great person in person, of course, she is gorgeous.

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