The fake wife

When you work for an escort agency you come across all sorts of situations. Recently I was asked if I would leave Belgravia escorts of and become a fake wife to this guy. I had not been dating him for a very long time, but it seemed that he thought that I would make the perfect fake wife. We started to talk about it, and he said that he wanted his business colleagues to think that he was a happily married man, but he did not want to get married.


I had to admit that it did sound like a very attractive offer to leave Belgravia escorts and live in his house. Apparently he would pick up all of the bills and also pay me a salary per month to be his fake wife. Of course it would mean that I would have to give up my job with Belgravia escorts and I was not so sure that I wanted to do that. When I thought about it, it could easily end up being a bit of a lonely life.


Had he had a fake wife before? No, he had not had a fake wife before, and the idea had only come into his head when we had met at Belgravia escorts. He started to spend time with me, and after getting to know me better, he thought that I would make the perfect fake wife. I saw where he was getting the idea from. Out of all of the girls at Belgravia escorts, I guess that I was perhaps the most stylish girl. It sounds like a funny thing to say, but I do look rather classy.


We talked about it some more, and I said that I was interested, but I would not leave Belgravia escorts. Most of the time he wanted somebody during the weekend who could come to dinner parties with him and stuff like that. As I did not work at the escort agency in Belgravia during the weekend, I suggested to him that I make make a nice Fake Girlfriend instead. It would sort make it seem more genuine. After all, where would he get a wife from in less than a week. As far as I was concerned, I simply would not make the situation seem real at all.


I never thought that he would agree with me that it was a good idea, but he liked the idea. He could see how it would work, and he thought that it might be easier to have a Fake Girlfriend than a Fake Wife. So, I ended up being his Fake Girlfriend at the weekend. It was a bit like taking time off from Belgravia escorts to be a Sugar Babe. I am not sure that all Sugar Babes enjoy the experience, but one thing was for sure, I enjoyed the experience with this guy. We had a good time together, and today I am still classified as his fake girlfriend. But I am not sure that we are faking it anymore…

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